Abstract Thursday

Ingeborg's challenge "getting closer" .... I had my head in the sink !

Early start to watch the T-20 World Cup cricket, semi final against England. A win to our lads, and will met either Aussie or Pakistan in the final., brilliant. 
 Coolish and overcast day. 
After a flurry of emails yesterday, assertive ones from me where the project manager (not the roofers company) assured me they would be here today, three blokes finally arrived at 11am.  The annoying issue was that the Boss had told the project manager that the job was complete and emailed me to say that.  I quickly emailed saying "I strongly disagree".  Oh dear, that put the cat among the pigeons !!  Its almost 5pm, they have just left and the job isn't finished yet.

Book Club tonight, I haven’t read the book

Covid - 185 new cases, another death in home isolation, 84 in hospital, 10 in ICU.


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