By Ingleman

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

.. a proper building site.

No time for photography today, busy, busy. 

Took my car in for the annual MOT test today and was relieved to be awarded a pass, with just one advisory notice for uneven wear on a tyre. I can settle for that. Good news!

Then back to work, doing the manual work to support Gary, the builder, and the erection that is slowly happening in the back garden.

It is a bone of contention as to who works the hardest. Him, or me. I think I do. He thinks he does. It leads to many protracted arguments and I tried to get him to admit today, that he could not do it without me. Of course, he would not allow his mouth to form the words, but it was there. We have banter, and we have disagreements. His ace in the pack is his undoubted skill and knowledge. I can not argue with that. Mine is that I pay the bills and his wages. Who is the boss, you decide....

Mrs I is terribly depressed with the mess. Dust, grit, sand, building materials, tools... It is awful. But she is slightly mollified when we start to look at the fun stuff. Floor and wall tiles, lighting, shower fittings etc. 

We'll get there. Sooner than later I hope. Better had, really. Because she is the real boss. I don't want to upset her...

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