Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Yellow Rump and More

This little fall warbler has already made it to my yardbirds list for the year, but I am not able to resist blipping it again.  This particular individual still has a bright splash of yellow on his head which I've never seen at this time of year.  Usually by now, they are fully into their rather subdued winter colors which do not include a bright yellow cap.  The original image was very soft so I ran it through Topax Sharpen AI.  Which, if anyone is interested is 100% worth the cost.  It does a wonderful job and far superior to anything I've achieved with Lightroom, PS, or any other software.  

The day started with rain which is when we learned just how muchJax hates water directed at his outer body.  He was not a happy dog and it took major cajoling and numerous discussions to get him to do his business.  Amazingly, he has not had an accident in the house today (yet) which may make for a streak of one day.  He's wanted lots of play time today followed by major puppy naps.  His favorite napping place is on a human lap, natch.  He is laying next to my chair at the moment working diligently on removing a tag from the towel.  He has a thing about tags and once he starts to get them loose, I quickly cut them off and throw them away.  But for now, it's keeping him well entertained.  

Zoom cocktails with my besties tonight which also means Hubs is cooking dinner which is a double win for me!

Dark with burnt caramel again today.  It is taking every ounce of willpower to eat just one square.  But, I've managed to lose almost 5 pounds since I left for Colombia so don't want to wreck the progress.


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