Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

I can't look!

This was kind of me today with the news.  I did have a look this morning and then decided that nothing good was going to come of it, so I stopped.  Hubs and I took a trip to Starbucks for some liquid goodness and then I retired to the hide for an hour or so.  

There are a lot fewer chipmunks out and about now, so I thought I'd blip this one today - besides, when it hopped up onto the purple patio table, with the green chair in the background ...well, it was pretty cute.  A quick face wash gave me some funny shots and I thought we could all probably use a laugh right now.  

There are still a few pine siskins around and loads of goldfinch so you'll probably see both in the days to come.  The weather was yucky and will continue to be for several days so I predict time in the hide for yours truly.

Had a nice long chat with bestie, Peg, this afternoon.  She and her hubby are headed to Arizona next week, probably for the remainder of winter, so it will be a while before we see each other.  But phone and facetime help keep us connected.  

Numbers in the US are continuing to soar, and in the last 2 days there have been over 3,000 deaths which is beyond horrible.  Some of the state governors who have been vehemently opposed to mask mandates are starting to panic now and order masks to be worn.  Sadly, I fear it is much too late for far too many people.  And meanwhile, the incumbent has yet to concede the presidential race to Joe Biden and appears to be spending all of his time and power to file lawsuits that are destined to change nothing.  It is difficult to watch this play out, especially as people in our country continue to fall ill.  What a mess.

Stay safe, people.  


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