Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Tiny Tuesday - Something New

So who came up with the "something new" theme for Tiny Tuesday, anyway???  Oh, wait, that was me.  Clearly I didn't think that through very well because I had a heck of a time coming up with something that would fit the darned theme.  Finally, in desperation, I searched my coin purse and came across a relatively new (2018) issue American Quarter.  And, I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I was unaware that the mint had issued this coin in honor of our national wildlife refuges, specifically the Block Island NWR in Rhode Island.  (Ironic given our current administrations seeming disregard for preserving national lands, but I digress).  Anyway, I had dig a little to learn that the bird on it is a Black Crowned Night Heron, a bird I happen to like very much.

So there you have it - my Something New for today.

We took MIL to her kidney doctor today who proclaimed her to be doing very well, all things considered. She had only one question for him and that was "are you married" ...over and over and over again.  Fortunately, he knows her and was laughing the whole time.  It was actually quite humorous as he was carefully going over her most recent blood work, explaining all the details when she'd just blurt our "are you married?"  You just had to laugh.  Little memories to cherish.

Hubs and I went to Starbucks for lunch and then I hit the gym for 3 miles on the treadmill.  It's quite cold and blustery outside, so the garden is aflutter with birds.  The chipmunks have all retired to their burrows for the cold spell, apparently.  Smart chippies.    


Tech details - single shot, hand held, diffuser on the onboard flash in a light box.  Minor adjustments in LR.

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