By Bella888

This Way

Feeling a bit throaty. My annual bug. Has been lingering quietly for a few weeks, but worse since yesterday. Feeding myself with Manuka honey, and Golden Milk. Am determined to enjoy our birthday ‘long weekend’. Rubbish month to be born. We did lateral flow tests to be sure - luckily negative.

‘A’ arrived with her husband and 4 ½ year old. Laden with prezzies and a vegan chocolate cake. I keep telling her not buy us anything - but she won’t listen. We met her in Riccione about 11 years ago, and it’s really because of us she ended up in England, and met her husband (we invited her to stay with us for a few days, despite having a dated return ticket she found a job, stayed for 4 weeks, then rented a room nearby …and never left). She’s a fabulous girl and making a successful career for herself. In Naples jobs are far and few between and she would be earning a fraction.

So dinner here. Hope to have an early night. Then tomorrow with them until they go.

Blip is of the underpass to the train station. We went to buy train tickets for a day in London.

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