By Bella888

Ignore the ‘P’

I keep seeing a ‘P’ in the centre of this blip - nothing to do with me. I expect it hits you too? Mr B loves cyclamens as they grow wild in the forests where he lived. So had to call him over to admire these in the Middle Gardens.

Met ‘A’ and family by the Pier at midday. We walked through the gardens, met up with ‘E’ who had texted he was sitting in the Picnic cafe up by the aviary* (*being rebuilt as they finally raised enough funds). Then we fancied a pizza.

Went to Franco Manca by the Square. Friendly staff. Had an enjoyable pizza. By then 4 ½ year old ‘D’ had fallen fast asleep. So mamma carried him (some feat) to the bus stop, back to the car parked chez nous. We said our goodbyes, and they drove back to the big smoke. When will we them again?

Relaxing now, and early night. My funny throat is a lot better than it was yesterday. The paint smell is fading fast too, thank heavens.

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