Silly Saturday in the Kitchen...

They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result: if that's true then my Editor is at least approaching insanity. But of course she must have been insane already, all those years ago when she agreed to marry me!

Anyway, this particular anecdote concerns our kitchen sink - or rather its badly goo-ed up drain hole. I guess we all experience the nasty gunge which collects in kitchen sink drains from time to time, and this is at least the second time that my Editor has pushed her little drain brush down to try to clear it: it's also at least the second time that she's got it stuck!

Of course I need to share some of the blame (isn't that noble of me?!): it's my job to dismantle the somewhat complex pipework under the sink from time to time to give it a thororough clean (it's actually a double sink so there's lots of sections to it) - and I've failed in this duty for longer than I care to think. (If I'd fulfilled my role properly there'd have been no need for the brush to be pushed down there in the first place.)

Anyway, as you can see in the diptych I did proceed to dismantle the pipework and retrieve the brush - and thought I'd better do a complete clean-up whilst I was busy. Some considerable time later it's all lovely and sweet-smelling again.

So: silly me for not doing my job, and silly Editor for poking her brush down too far!

(It's not the first Saturday in the month so there's no Silly Saturday host but it still seemed worth tagging it in memory of Admirer.)

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