Yellow Acer

The yellow acer seems to have kept its leaves for much longer than the red ones.  It seems quite amazing that there is still so much colour on the shrubs so late in the year.  I think I’ve only seen one slight frost of the ground so far this year and given we are on the edge of the Pennine Hills, that seems quite remarkable.

I had a very tired day yesterday.  I suppose that given the fact I’d woken at 3.30am and then never really got back to sleep, then I shouldn’t be surprised, but I think it was probably a reaction to my Covid jab as well.  Certainly the first one I had left me feeling sleepy the next day (I can’t remember the effect of the second one).  I tried to doze, without much success through the day and I was also trying to sort images out for our Creative Photo group Zoom meeting in the afternoon and my brain just wouldn’t function.  In the end I shared some of my Harris ones that I’d put together for another group But I’m not sure I did myself justice.  In the end, following a bit of an early evening doze, I managed to survive until around 10pm, which hopefully means I’m back on track sleep wise.

p.s. there were some lovely and varied photos shown by other members of the group so it was a good afternoon and we meet up again just before Christmas.

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