Wishing I was lucky...

Two pictures here.  One from 1030 Am.  the other from 1630 Am. 

My upstairs hallway now has a lovely hole in the wall. 

The cute one from yesterday has all week off and has a list of things he wants to do.  First on the list was to replace the shower.   We recently got a new boiler and the water pressure is magnificent now, and the old electric shower can be replaced with a combination?  is that the same as the boiler? 

Anyways after much researching and examining of things in B&Q and on line and more expensive shops, he made his selection and work commenced. 

I didn't know about the hole in the wall until Saturday so I was slightly on edge as to how he would be about all of this; but he was calm and collected and just got about it the way he does with everything. 

Hole was made in Wall.  Big Stick was obtained to poke a hole down the inside of the wall from which he would dangle shower cables or something similar.  Holes were drilled in tiles - with NO SPLITTING.   

I mostly stayed out of the way, on hand to make tea and coffee and mop his fevered brow (which was very, very fevered). 

I also made lentil Soup, gin and tonic fudge and a lemon drizzle cake. 

I cleaned and washed the living room floor and relaid the rug which has been dangling over two stools and a chair in an endeavour to get the damp smell out of it which resulted and a too-over-enthusiastic cleaning I gave it. 

All sorted now. I'm feeling quite chilled and relaxed. 

Flu Jab tomorrow and then back to work. 

All good

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