By dogwithnobrain

I hear the plane is ready by the gateway

This airport is 4.5 miles from my home.

Today it’s being used as a Covid Vaccination centre. Very lovely it is too - the queue is heading into arrivals rather than departures… but it is probably busier than it’s been in months; years perhaps - since the Raves of the late 80’s

Yes. No planes then either

It used to be magnificent - my friend and I used to cycle down and stand and fight for space to watch the many planes landing.

When I worked at BAe I would
Watch the Northwest Orient landing every day at 908. that was my favourite; but there were many, many every day.

Then Glasgow airport was granted Long haul licence and all the flights moved there. Ryanair appeared and threatened to throw their dummy out the airport if any other holiday companies were allowed to fly.

And this is what we have. A huge, big, vacant space

I learnt patience in this airport.

We were flying to this Isle of Man .. I think maybe 1977 - I was still at school.

We got to the airport checked in and then looked on as the flight was delayed by 30 minutes.

Then it was delayed by 45 minutes.

Then another 30 Minutes.

At this point in time there was a cafeteria - I stress this difference because they served cake on plates from a shelf; as opposed to a cafe where a waitress would come and take your order.

I sat in there for a while.

I browsed the shops of which there were a few. Touristy nicnaks, W H Smith, Boots.

I stood on the viewing deck and watched my plane not take off ; but many others.

I played in the amusement arcade.

I watched people.

I sat down beside my mum and sighed heavily.

And then did it all again.

Because they only delayed it by small increments each time.. we couldn’t go home, we just had to sit and breathe and watch the clock go round and round

for 9 hours.

Himself’s Covid Jab was so much prompter

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