By dogwithnobrain

And then you took the words right out of my mouth

Nothing beats a good book.

Not sure what my head is playing at but after a forty five minute read in bed my mind is playing all sorts of tricks on me.

Dreams of murders, aliens, dinosaurs, breakins

Isn’t it awful when you wake up with the fright .. I try not to but poking himself in the butt makes me feel much happier.

A quick poke and he turns and says ‘are you okay’. I relate my story to him: he says ‘just a dream’ and off I go again.

Occasionally I will force him out of bed to check for bad people downstairs

Last night I brought the baseball bat back up to the room… just in case the bad people broke in and then battered me with my own bat.

That would be a terrible folly.

PS do you like my Peruvian bookmark. It’s made of a llama

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