By dogwithnobrain

Tears for Heroes dressed in Grey

I am beyond excited for the kids.

Despite all the negative talk of Qatar and it’s human rights history ; the place was buzzing with excitement while we were there in anticipation of the forthcoming World Cup.

The Qatar people don’t understand the rest of the world’s condemnation of them - it’s their system, it’s what works for them.

Everyone gets there in their own time and I have no doubt at all that the influx of people from all over the world will have a bigger impact on the Qatari nation than even they were expecting.

There are still people out there who believe the world is flat (and a lot of them vote for Trump) (in actual fact I think one of them may be Trump ) (allegedly)

Imagine if, after the World Cup Qatar realise that same sex relationships aren’t going to collapse the world? Imagine that they see people together and see that they are happy! And normal!

It’s a big if, but if it happens; what an amazing thing for a football tournament to have done (an illegally won tournament)..

The world coming to an understanding over the love of the beautiful game.

I was worried about going to Qatar last month; and now - I’m just so envious that my kids get to play together in the sun around all these fabulous stadium.

And the food.

And the heat

And the sea

And the food

And the water

(Tooli’s school has been World Cup crazy all term - this is the last day before they break up for the ‘World Cup holidays’ - her class faces the games park and she’s had Football’s coming home playing all week)

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