By Veronica

Take 345

That's approximately how many times I've blipped vines. Hard to get tired of these colours, well that's my excuse anyway. I'm glad I went out this morning despite the very brisk wind, because this afternoon it clouded over and by the evening it was raining. If you want more, they are right from here.

Verdict on the sourdough with whey in it: it looks nice, tastes lovely, but is a bit dense in the middle. My fault, I seem to be losing the knack as we aren't eating much bread, hence I'm only making it every three weeks or so.

French book group this evening. I'm happy to say I wasn't alone in my opinion of Where The Crawdads Sing, in fact two people didn't even finish it. And those who did enjoy it weren't wildly enthusiastic. Still, four million people can't be wrong, eh? Next month: yes, another book in English, Apeirogon by Colum McCann, which promises to be a very different kettle of shellfish.

Home in the rain, stove lit, wine and nibbles.

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