By Mrsmacdub

Sunshine and flowers

I started the day with an 8am appointment with the osteopath, followed by the usual Tuesday supermarket run, this time accompanied by hubby. After the shopping expedition we met up with my daughter to collect some signs to go on their signboards outside the properties they are selling. We had to wait for half an hour while she showed a family through a beautiful new house that’s for sale, so were forced to sit and relax while we waited - an unexpected lull in the day. After lunch I spent some time working and also training, so the afternoon passed by quickly.

While the sun shone I flitted around the garden taking photos of some of the flowers blowing in the breeze, which you can see in today’s blip.

It’s Day 7 of Level 3 Step 2 and today has seen another record for new Covid-19 cases in the community, with 222 around the North Island. There are 197 cases in Auckland, 20 in the Waikato, 1 in Northland,  2 in the Wairarapa and 2 in the Lakes area. There has also been another death: a person in their late 70s who was admitted to hospital on November 11 and subsequently tested positive for Covid-19.

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