A walk in the park this afternoon.

It’s 2 calendar months today since our family (2 adults and 4 children) moved in with us after their house sale chain collapsed.
And on Thursday they will finally get the keys to their new home here. Probably late afternoon to early evening, as the removal people have to drive the 100 miles from Bristol up here.
We went for a walk in Sutton Park this afternoon taking our youngest granddaughter with us in her pushchair, which she soon discarded in favour of walking, especially through the piles of leaves on the footpaths and by the woods.
She walked a long way.
Coming back she eventually succumbed and went back in her pushchair. Soon falling asleep.
The other three grandchildren are out at a sports session at our local Leisure Centre with their mum.
The beech trees in the park now deep russet gold and drift off in a slight breeze.
It’s now 3.30pm and the light is beginning to fade a bit on this once again misty day.
School is just coming out over the road.

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