St Philip’s

Birmingham cathedral. Rather small as cathedrals go.
Another fruitless shopping mission today. We went to buy me a replacement waterproof jacket for one which I returned as it was faulty. I got all the money back, the Store voucher lasts a year, but I can’t find one  in the entire country online or in store to replace it.
I have a lightweight one but that won’t withstand Cumbrian  type drenchings.  I’ll have to wait until new stock comes in which is looking unlikely due to COVID / Brexit … take your pick. 
On another note, the centre of Birmingham was eerily quiet because they have introduced a clean air zone which means only delivery vans, electric vehicles and those drivers willing to pay £8 per day can go into the centre .  We were fine in the electric car, but a few weeks before Christmas on a sunny day with the German market going on it should have been heaving. Very few people there. Spot the shopper in the extra. ( A rather hastily taken pano so not good quality but it proves my point. ) I don’t see how the shops can go on like this.
Anyway, we had a nice lunch.

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