Last Day: Holiday coming to an end. We had a good night's sleep in a tent, not so cold as the mountain huts, and probably the best aubergine curry of my life so far. This was probably a combination of cooking and the fact we'd been living off nuts and crackers for the previous 48 hours... Another rainstorm hit as we were leaving Yakushima, seemingly hard enough for one girl to disembark on the island, run to shelter, then decide to get the ferry back to the mainland! We got back and walked up to this viewpoint, which shows the looming volcano of Sakurajima. Here we met a lovely old Japanese woman, who spoke very good English and invited us to her house. We enjoyed chatting with her and her husband very much, and she gave us some tasty pickle-based dishes. We will write to her in the future. A lovely end to an exciting holiday.

Bye Barbara

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