Life on the go

By BarryBadcock

Easy Job - No

Easy Job - No
When we switched from LPG Heating to Air Source Heat Pump we gained a corner cupboard in the kitchen where the boiler was. It was Sue's good idea to buy a cupboard carcass and pop it in.
I thought 'Brillant idea'. Off to B+Q with the measurements and purchased a cupboard carcass. 'This is gonna be a breeze' I thought.
Well today as I was waiting for the Danish Oil to dry on a project I am doing for friends in the street I thought  'Although not a priority job this would be an ideal task to dovetail into the work schedule as the cupboard is going to be useful as we are having lodgers for a few months while their house is being built'. I though 'Somewhere for my daughter to put her kitchen stuff :)'.
I was expecting some modifications where going to be necessary but did it / has gone easy? - No
To sum up - Kitchen designed and installed by Wix, Cupboard bought from B+Q, Dimensions the same but how the parts go together not the same !! 'Blow it' I said. Conclusion for the day - I am cooking a new curry and having a couple of glasses of wine while I do it.

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