Pin Hole

Pin Hole
To my surprise my Dentist phoned two nights ago to ask if I would like to see him again. Obviously a pandemic invoked question. He said the last time I visited was the week before lockdown one in March 2020. I said okay thinking it would be in the new year but no he had a slot for me today. 
Before I went this morning I remade the pinhole adaptor  for my Lensbaby. Nothing elaborate, just double sided tape and kitchen foil stuck on one of the removable apertures that came with the Lensbaby Composer. I have not worked out the aperture yet, but its small.
Off I went with my camera and modified lensbaby to Cambridge. I gave my self plenty of time as parking on the meters in Norfolk Street was normally difficult. To my pleasent surprise there were lots of spaces. So I had chance to walk around with the pinhole. The image shows St Matthews Church behind Vicarage Terrace where we used to run our Scout Troop at one time. Post Processing - Fiddled and Diddled in Lightroom

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