A day in the life

By Shelling

Wednesday eve

Rehearsing, shopping, book keeping, lunch, rain more or less all day, booking a tyre change next week, cuddling the cat... not much to write about even though the day felt full of activity. An every day kind of day.

In the late afternoon I had a date with the theatre in Kalmar where I was helping audience and performers as well as I could, along with a colleague. Tonight the local children and youth theatre school made a performance, showing what they've been working on during the autumn so far. The audience are mostly parents, siblings, grandfathers and grandmothers, proudly watching their daughters, sons etc, performances. The kids are excited and nervous and try their absolute best on stage, proud for every applause or reaction they get. It's not great theatre, but great in every other way. The children grows, parents get wet in their eyes to see their child or grandchild do unexpected things, separate from their every day expected roles. Everyone grows and comes out a little bit different than they were an hour ago. 
At the same time, life goes on as usual at a square in Kalmar on a rainy Wednesday evening in November.

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