By rockit

(322) Windswept and Interesting

Is a phrase well used by Billy Connoly and very appropriate here, if not quite as amusing. This is Ruby Bay at Elie in Fife, just after sunset, and it was very windy and surprisingly cold. I parked the car, took a brisk walk along the beach while grabbing a few shots, then retreated to the car, sharpish! 

The soundtrack for the half hour drive home was provided by Antimatter (via YouTube music, via Bluetooth, etc) who were the support act for Marillion the other night. In this incarnation they are the solo project of Liverpool singer/songwriter Mick Moss, who was joined by long-term touring member Dave Hall. I can't find anything online that matches that lineup but as they were only two performers and mainly acoustic, this comes quite close. *Spoiler Alert - you won't need your dancing shoes.

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