By dunkyc

My Spot

I am not throwing away my spot.

However, I do appear to have been kicked out of the nice, personal, non-work related desk space that I have recently created for MYself.

I am going to give The Youngest a pass though for a few reasons. Firstly, she looks super cute. Secondly, she taught me something about our family name, which I love: “This is an Olde English locational name which derives from the pre 7th Century 'cramb' meaning 'a river bend’” and finally, it was parents evening (done over the phone) and both her and m’boy are absolutely crushing it at school. Both of their teachers were brimming with praise for them, both in terms of their academic performance and also their characters, which made me burst with pride. Y’know, for a change…

The legend of President Teddy continues to grow as Matilda used him to welcome a new girl into the class and - dropping her voice at this point - her teacher confided in me that she too had voted for Matilda’s President Teddy video in the school talent competition.

Add to this The Eldest returning to school this evening to help out with the sixth form open evening and her first shift at a new job tomorrow night, it is fair to say that my offspring are taking care of business. Which hopefully means that when I am elderly and infirm (next month) they will be able to take care of me.

For now though, I will just settle for having my spot back.

Paula popped round tonight and I showed her the lovely response (THANK YOU again) to the photo of us I put up the other day (we were fairly high up on the ‘Popular’ page at one point!!) and I’ve suggested that as the photo of both of us has had such a positive impact on my journal, maybe we should show a bit of leg next time?

The jury still appears to be out on that one….

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