By mollyblobs

Moody Beaver Moon

The waxing Beaver Moon, 99.8% of its final size, lit up the clouds tonight. This photo was snatched while taking a break from the cupcake decoration which was at times nerve-wracking and a bit stressful thanks to differences in artistic taste! The cream-cheese frosting gave us a few problems, but Sarah and I managed to sort it in the end. We finished just before the take-away arrived, and I have to say that I was very pleased with the overall effect - I think they'll look lovely on the stand we've bought.

Earlier in the day Pete and I had iced the larger cake with chocolate ganache - another somewhat nerve-wracking experience! I kept out of the way while Sarah and Lizzy decided on the final decoration - it wasn't what I'd planned but looks very nice. I just hope we manage to get it to the venue intact!

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