The Neighbors' Cat, Living His Best Life

This is our neighbors' kitty. His actual name is Stryker, which you can read on the tag on his collar if you look really closely. We call him LGK, short for Little Gray Kitty. LGK has a bromance type crush on my husband, and he comes over to visit most days.

This was the scene on this morning. We were getting ready to go into town to run a few errands, and I was in charge of amusing the kitty while my husband moved the car down the driveway a bit.

We played for just a few minutes with the yellow string, and then this was the scene: a totally torped-out tabbycat, relaxing in the sun on our front steps.

This is a kitty who is living his best life. He goes where he pleases. He plays when he feels like it. He finds a sun spot and he claims it. He naps every chance he gets. Oh, the things we could learn from cats!

My song is this one: from the soundtrack of O Brother Where Art Thou, the Whites, performing Keep on the Sunny Side.

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