Golden November Dreams

I had a lunch date with friends, and after that, I planned to visit the Arboretum and check out the foliage colors on campus. The day obliged by being warmer than the past few, and some sunshine even broke out in the afternoon.

My friends and I lunched at the Field at Toftrees, where I sometimes have a big burger. But I was in the mood for something different this time: a salted caramel milkshake, and I decided to have French onion soup to go with it. The photo of all of that - entitled "How to Eat Like a Child" - appears in the extras.

Fortified by my lunch and time with dear friends, I made my way over to campus, where the status of the foliage is really variable: lots of empty trees with leaves completely gone, but also some glorious golds here and there. It's a strange juxtaposition of bare trees and glory, but I'll take it.

Presented above is one of the pretty scenes I saw: a photo of the duck pond by the alumni gardens, and the charming little white gazebo. Each and every element has its own shade of gold or orange, and it all works together like a sweet November dream.

T. Tiger and I also made time to stop again briefly at the wonderful Global Asias exhibit at the Palmer Museum, with its Red Flower Rain and its tricycle with all kinds of mirrors. This time, an associate welcomed us and gave us instructions about the museum.

"Please keep a minimum of 12 inches from the art," she said; and I thought I heard a tiny giggle from my pocket. (That T. Tiger, I think he may be a bad influence!) It was a successful visit: we followed the rules mostly, and you'll be happy to hear that we made it in and out of the museum without getting arrested!

My soundtrack song is Stevie Nicks, with Gold Dust Woman.

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