By Nathcarr91

Just for fun.

Something a little different to my normal post. Whilst Me and L were on holiday in Tenerife, we had to visit the one and only 'water kingdom' Siam Park. This was a present for my birthday, it was my 30th while we were away and I had never been to Siam before so this was what I wanted to do and tick ot off my bucket list.

Now my partner had gotten me a present also while we were on holiday and it was a cool little compact camera, which records as well as take pictures, and is 25mtr waterproof. Well I had to try this out. So I said to the Mrs, take a pic of me under water :-). So this is me just playing around under water haha. Although I didn't realise I puffed my cheeks out so much when I held my breath haha

Its a super fun camera to use, especially to get something that is different to the normal. I'm looking forward to experimenting more with it. I'm also thinking that I'm going to start posting more random stuff like this on here, I don't want to only post when I feel like I've taken a really good image, I want to post more frequently, so I'm certainly going to post more day to day stuff for you all to share with me.

Happy weekend everyone!


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