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By arkensielphoto

Naked Wines - Christmas White Case

I spent the morning catching up with some episodes of The Great British Bake Off, just the final to watch now; I have also been reading a magazine. That was while I was not being interrupted by three deliveries.

Today's picture shows one of the deliveries, my Christmas White Wine case from Naked Wines. The gin is all mine, but no doubt some of the other wines will be shared at Christmas. We also had our first Christmas card, admittedly it is an advertising one, from the Isle of Man Stamps and Coins, where I purchased some Mensa seventy-fifth anniversary stamps earlier this year.

I am hosting a Mensa Zoom meeting this afternoon, but I shall also be watching, silently, the Formula One Qualifying!

The temperature at GMT today in my home village was ten degrees Celsius; once again dull and overcast for most of the day.

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