By Topsyturvy

Lovely day

The most wonderful time with my lovely girl and her two best friends choosing her wedding dress. I know I'm biased but she looked beautiful in all of them and her final choice was perfect.

A slightly frenetic morning beforehand getting to a bank to pay in my (and her) inheritance from Dad - quite important! Plus purchasing a Christmas present for LH that I knew I couldn't get up north. A bit of a tight timetable to then collect a friend of LD's from the station before we headed off to the bridal shop which was quite a journey away. We had such a great time there! Interestingly, the owner was raised in Orkney (we met her the last time round) and although not there in person today we had the same care and attention and felt looked after in the same way.

And then back for a meal out with all of the bridesmaids-to-be and cocktails afterwards.

I miss the energy of the younger generation, their spark and intelligent take on current affairs, their similar but different outlooks. I'm grateful for being included and for the stimulating conversations. And, of course, for the big laughs and banter that you only get within a group of happy, relaxed friends.

So blessed.

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