Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Different angle

Unusually for a Monday, I decided to work from this coffee shop only to find someone sitting at my table, so I decided to sit facing the Eiffel Tower rather than have my back to it. It was good to get a different perspective. :))

I picked G up two hours later and then dropped her off at the Conrad Hotel. She wanted to check out the EdEx MENA conference, which is organised by none other than my former company! I would have joined her had I remembered to put on my smart trousers in the morning.

I had time then to get the car washed (inside and out) and do a little grocery shop before picking G up. In the short time she was there, she saw what she wanted and even attended a seminar on How NFT's and Blockchain will disrupt education!

Two Zoom lessons (Doha/Geneva) later, and the day is finally winding down. G beat me with the date today (21/11/21), but I managed to beat my friend Farzan, so she now owes me two ice creams!

And I am trying out the X20 again. The sensor on the X30 is becoming unreliable. :(

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