Too good to miss

It's been a fantastic day today, cold but beautiful and although I didn't get out until lunchtime I felt the day was too good to miss.  I'd been editing some ICM images from Harris in the early morning and thought I'd done very little ICM locally, so I headed to Wortley Hall to `play'.  Not my most successful morning (but you also learn from your mistakes - well hopefully) and I've included these two images.  I think the extra is the clearest in terms of accessibility but I quite like the pond image above, though I know it has quite a lot going on.  I've done quite a bit of editing on it in Lightroom and it probably needs some more.

p.s. the duck population is totally out of hand.  I think all of the ones that were bred locally, but not shot by the marauding pheasant shoots have ended up here.  I'm not in favour of shooting pheasants, but to breed and release these ducks into the countryside has got to have a detrimental  impact on local wildlife and ecology

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