Bournemouth is Best

We were invited to join J&R for J’s birthday break in Brighton. Wasn’t too happy about staying in a hotel, and we have a prior commitment. Otherwise, a pity, we enjoy their company.

Anyway, why exchange our gorgeous golden sand (blipped) for a stony beach? People are divided, some prefer Brighton, others (‘us’) definitely choose Bournemouth - no competition!

Today I cleared out stuff I had accumulated (a mountain of padded envelopes & Amazon packaging which ‘may’ come in useful - and does). I squeeze it inside a cupboard, but it had got to the stage some shelves wouldn’t open. So I threw it all on the floor and sorted it into small, medium, large and threw out any surplus to needs.

Went down the zigzag to the beach, to make the most of the bright sun. With winds from the North, the beach is sheltered by the cliffs. Beautiful down there, took some fab photos.

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