The Way I See Things


Mono Monday: Candid

This ramp down to the River Taff at Blackweir is popular all year round with dogs and their people, and in the heat of summer it can be busy with picnickers and sunbathers. Today was bright and sunny but windy and cold, with the temperature barely crawling into double figures, and I don't think I'd have found the notion of sitting on cold concrete particularly enticing - but I daresay the young are made of sterner stuff than I am.

R and I had another fun-filled day in Cardiff with Baby B, who seems to learn new things now almost by the hour. One of the things he learned today is that mashed avocado makes a better lunch than it does a hair product, but that mashing avocado into your hair does get you quite a lot of attention. And one of the things I learned is that if you take him out wearing a hat you can't afford to take your eyes off him for even a split second, or you'll end up retracing your steps to retrieve the hat from wherever it landed, after being dragged off his head and hurled contemptuously out of the pram. If the temperature continues to drop, I foresee a winter of internecine hat battles.

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