By JaanaE

"Emergency blip.."

Ohh, how the time has flyed, soon it's midnight and I'm not even blipped yet.

So now it's the last moments for the last topic of the March challenge which was "simply": Stuff.

Well, there's so much stuff that could be interpreted as stuff - at least in my life and home - that it could be anything between the ground and the sky... But since the time really flyes, here's my quickly snapped stuff.

I've got these piles of clothes, stacked here and there; on chairs and sofa, all around my home... And I just mainly hate it, but obviously not enough to DO something about it!

Well, every now and then I just gather them and tuck them in closets - just to drag them out in a day or two, spread them around to see what's what and where. *Sigh.*

I'm not a tidy person, honestly, and I don't mind a little "inhabited-like" -mess in my home, or some "creative chaos" in some corner but... Those cloth stacks, seriously..! :(

But what can I do. Nobody's fault but mine, and I'm just too lazy with this - and, maybe I even got too much clothes?! :P

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