By soozaday

The Great Escape

We had another trip up to the airport, this time to get Mr ExtraDays. Then the four of us went for a nice lunch, which meant we sat for hours in the warm sunny afternoon, nibbling on various delicious mid-eastern items. I can't believe how tired you can get just from eating and being in the car for awhile, but here we are at home, all four of us in somewhat of a food coma, dozing in the lamplight while pretending to knit or read. 

The Extra is a quick grab of a slogan for our times. We speculated on what business they could possibly be in. I think Mr S won with Document Shredding, but that can't stop me from imagining a few other things.

The other Extra is the first bird I've ever seen wearing a sweater. Apparently it is missing a few feathers and gets cold easily, poor thing. It's a rescue bird, mistreated in its early years but cherished and pampered now. Note: do not feed peanuts to parrots--it is terrible for their digestive systems.

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