Arnside and beyond

By gladders


The first cold day of the Autumn (or is it Winter now?) with a frost this morning, a clear blue sky all day, and at sunset calm and windless,  the estuarine water reflecting the colouring sky.

My first blip since January. I hadn't intended to stay away for so long, a few days at most, but the days extended to weeks, and the weeks to months, and I disengaged from photography completely.  Other things took over my attention.  But I always intended to come back when the time felt right.  I don't think I will try to post more than once or twice a week, for now at least.  And at some point I will renew my membership.

Thank you to all those who have stopped by my journal to ask how I am, and my apologies for not replying until now.  All is well, we are staying safe in these strange and unsettling pandemic times.  Little Gus is still with us, so much older, frailer and slower now, though today for the first time in months he managed a walk to the top of the Knott.  He came through a serious illness three months ago with what his vet referred to as a miracle recovery.  As I write this on Tuesday morning, he had C up in the night with tummy troubles, so perhaps I pushed him too hard with the Knott walk.  I shall post a photo of him soon, as I know he has a few followers in Blipland who will want see him.

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