By mollyblobs

Cutting the cake

On Saturday  we finally celebrated Chris and Lizzy's wedding, over a year and a half after the April 2020 wedding, planned to take place in Cyprus, was cancelled. While it wasn't as warm as Cyprus, it was wonderful to be surrounded by the love of family and friends, and we all had a splendid day filled with plenty of laughter - a real morale boost to all who attended.

I have to admit that I had tears of joy in my eyes when they exchanged the vows they'd written, and tears of laughter when Lizzy's Dad gave his speech. In the interests of equality, I also gave a short speech, which I'd written at eight o'clock that morning (I always did my homework at the last minute and don't seem to have changed!). I really needn't have bothered as I scarcely looked at it! 

I spent the morning with Lizzy and her Mum and bridesmaids taking photographs of the preparations. I was glad to be able to relax at the wedding as they had  engaged an extremely lovely and talented photographer, who took some amazing shots of them together before the ceremony took place. After a singularly grey day, the clouds cleared just in time to give a lovely sunset - just perfect. She also efficiently photographed all the various combinations of family and friends, a skill that I envy!

There are a few more photos of the wedding in extras, but I'm still busy  processing them between routine work!

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