By mollyblobs

Looking up

After all the fun of yesterday, today was a gradual come down. I gave Charley a lift to the station, as she was off to spend a few days with her sister in Brighton, and then picked Chris and Lizzy up from the hotel where they'd spent the night.  We then went on to Ferry Meadows to collect the remaining cakes and all the other wedding accessories. I hadn't realised that there was so much - we scarcely managed to fit it into the car!

By the afternoon I was ready for a bit of  quiet forest bathing, so headed out to Old Sulehay, where the setting sun lit up the fiery leaves of Beech, Oak, Hazel and Bracken. This image was taken looking up into the crown of one of the largest beech trees on the site. Needless to say we had a quiet evening!

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