The Gasman Cometh

The boiler was serviced first thing this morning so after that I went for a walk around the golf course next door. What a beautiful morning. As I was half way round I saw Stuart on the mower and got this shot of him. 

He was pleased with the photo and on the way back I dropped in to the golf club office to offer it as their November entry for their calendar. The secretary patiently explained that the calendar for this year had already been produced - I should have thought of that. She suggested I send it to them for possible inclusion next year. I won't be holding my breath.

And whilst writing this a lovely neighbour has banged on the door asking if I can help her jump start her car which has got a flat battery. I wouldn't know where to begin - I don't know if my battery is in the front or back and I'm not sure if I have got a set of jump leads. Plus, it's dark. Back in the day I could have done it in five minutes. So I wasn't able to help.

The march of progress.

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