Hospital Day

I went into Warwick Hospital at the appointed time of 11:30.  I was finally taken into the operating theatre at about 2pm.

The procedure seemed to go fairly smoothly, I was locally anathised and sedated, but still conscious of the chatter around me.  Then after about 30 minutes it was all over and I was taken back to my bed 

After a cup of tea and a tuna sandwich I am ready to go home, though I have not been discharged yet, I have been allowed to get dressed.

So waiting part two ensues.  Luckily this stage didn't take too long and soon I was ringing Ann asking for a lift home.

Looking inthe mirror I see I'm a bit bruised and bashed about, though I feel OK.  Hopefully the swelling will go down soon.

In other news: Spaceman decided he'd found a new way to surf the net.  Thanks to Sheol for hosting today's Tiny Tuesday.

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