By Hanulli

Frosty Walk

Linda enjoyed a walk in the early morning sun. 
We thought that would be a good idea and used the sunny morning for a walk at the Reinheimer Teich. We were very astonished that one of the storks has decided to skip the travel south (first extra)
There were very little birds to watch, only ducks and a lot of geese (second extra)
We were also grateful that Omo could walk the approximate 4 km path around the nature reservate. But he didn't think a break in the frosty grass was a problem (third extra)

Thank you Sheol for hosting Tiny Tuesday in November.

Reminder: The tag for TiPS,  the stage for the adventures of all kinds of tiny figures is TiPS2021. Share your creative entries with other lovers of tiny people  and have fun :-D 

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