Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Abstract Art

This is what was on the screen after my echocardiogram at the U today, with an artwork over it that was nearby in the hospital..”Discovery of the Northwest Passage” by Patti Warashina, a wonderful whimsical ceramic sculptor that lives in our neighborhood.    I thought the ultrasound waves looked like sails …  New cardiologist: change of meds, and other possibilities to think about.   More later.

It seems that someone on the basketball team at Osk’s school has tested positive for covid…and then we learn that half the players have had no vaccine!  Public Schools can’t mandate it.,   they wear masks on campus but sports are another thing.   so all the non vaccinated players can’t play for now.  Are there enough left?   They supposely get tested once a week but that’s unclear.   it’s quite the mess.   Then we watched Nik’s college team play on the screen today…against a school that doesn’t require the students to be vaccinated (Nik’s school does)…and they are all playing without masks too.,  
And the rates of covid, particularly with kids, are going up.  Yikes!!!

We are off to Canada tomorrow.

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