By AnnieBelle

Sydney skyline from a great vantage point

What a busy day! The greater walking group was meant to meet today but everyone except me and D piked so she and I did a lovely walk around the Balmain and Birchgrove parklands. The extra shows the delightful topiary spelling out Balmain Cove. I'm so pleased that it is maintained, even though it requires a lot of maintenance.

This evening I met up with friends S and S on level 47 of Australia Square in the CBD. It's a revolving bar and restaurant and what a fab idea, to give customers a view of the city in all directions. It was better than television. The main shows some close together high rise with the harbour and Sydney Opera House in the background.

Thanks for all those generous responses to yesterday's TT. I appreciate each one.

Thanks for hosting BobsBlips.

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