By dunkyc

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In the moments just before the intensity of the Bake-Off final gripped us, a couple of them were quiet, so I sloped off to my special, quiet place only to stumble upon an infestation.

In their defence, they were on some homework sites, but c’mon guys! A man’s bed is his castle. And also his bed.

For the benefit of those reading this who may be saving GBBO to watch on catch-up, I shall avoid any spoilers and simply say that this year’s Bake-Off was that rare beast where the actual winner went out at the semi-final stage. Jurgen, take a bow, son.

It is fun watching it with the children who really get caught up in the drama of it all, whilst getting to stay up late and eat cake with their Dad.

It’s a curious thing, they seem to love me more at these moments than when they’re getting ready for school in the morning.

Strange, no?

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