By dunkyc


From a beautiful sunrise to an oppressively grey, drizzly sky today.

Despite this, I was in dire need of lunchtime perambulation and set out along the river, shoulders hunch and eyes protectively narrowed against the rain.

Work stress is gradually increasing with a deal on a large case needing to be done before the week is out and at present, I have nothing to offer and am completely dependent on others to produce what is required. You would have thought that I would have got used to letting go of things by now, but apparently I have not.

I have been in a similar situation before and these things do have a habit of working themselves out. It’s a strange thing that with the stress comes a great deal of excitement too, particularly when you are able to reach an accord.

For now though, the wee ones have returned and I can focus my deal making skills (you can stay up and watch the Bake Off final: what do I get?*) and stresses and strains on my ongoing quest to become the Ultimate Dadman.

*The benefit of their company for an extra hour or so, apparently….. 

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