By AnneILM60

Autumn Daisies

Since last night’s temperatures finished off the outside flowers, here are some of my inside ones. Kent bought me these last Friday and they are real water drinkers

When I ran by the grocery store yesterday, I didn’t go to the one I usually go to, but the one closest to my house. So glad I did as I ran into a couple of friends I haven’t seen in person in about 4 years! They live in the town west of us now but they were searching for something for their Thanksgiving dinner that they hadn’t been able to find as of yet. It was so nice to see them and exchange hugs.

Today Kent went to the dentist and had the final tooth put in to complete all the implant work that began 14 months ago. So glad it’s all finally finished.

It was post office time to send off the last of the parcels we had that needed to go for Christmas. Done. Yay.

We picked up our prepped food for tomorrow from Cracker Barrel. I still have to cook everything but all the hard, time consuming stuff has been done for me. WooHoo!

Hope everyone is taking time to express gratitude for the things in their lives.

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