Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Purple clock

Well, today the roofers worked hard and finished up, Andy came and gave my horrible old cooker the deep clean of it's life and I had my hair cut (at home).  Pleased with how all three things look - most satisfactory - but it meant on this cold and very beautiful day I only got out to take pictures briefly and late in the afternoon.

So here you have the Guildhall clock all lit up and some Christmas lights on the building too.  Sadly it's quite hard to get back far enough from said Guildhall for comprehensive pics.  However, when the bus station (which is where I took this from) finally goes, as it's due to do, the awful flaking concrete arch, which you can hopefully not see too much of in the bottom half of shot, will be no more!

So this is me for today.  Happy Thanksgiving to all US blippers and have a fab evening and Friday morning  xx

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