Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Frosty clock

Woke up to a thick white frost.  When I went outside I found this dandelion clock with an icy cap on.  Never noticed one of these before - have you, or am I particularly unobservant? (Okay, best not answer that!)

Had an early doc's appointment and when I got back the roofers turned up to start work on the soffits and guttering, so that poked a sharp stick in the peace of the day.  Still, I shall be thoroughly relieved to have the them completely sound for this winter.

Actually the day got slightly out of control - the window cleaners wanted to come but I put them off, a friend wants to meet for coffee to talk about getting some photos off me (smartly moved that one to next week), someone who I hope will help me phoned to fix up a date, the grocery shopping is delivered tonight and my hairdresser can come to cut my hair (tomorrow - in and out of the roofers again).  Lovely though all of them are, I'm feeling slightly under siege - when will I get time for walking?

Never mind, it will all be worth it in the end.

Many thanks to Cailleach for continuing to host WildWed.  And I hope you're all well and happy  xx

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