Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

My darling boy 40 today - how did that happen?  Little Sis texted first thing to remind me how she'd rushed down from London to see us in the hospital - I have to confess it made me very emotional! 

Did I take either of these shots today?  Of course not, though I did put this together today.  The one on the left I took about 37 years ago at the only point in J's life when he was a truly naughty little sprite!  The other was taken on his sister's birthday in April this year and is the latest I have.  And no, I couldn't  take another today as he + partner are currently lying on a beach in Cancun.

I did text though and was amazed to get a reply from him within 30 seconds, as they were on their way to breakfast.  (somehow it's such a long way away I thought it would take longer - dhurr!)
Happy birthday, sweetheart xxx

And have a great Tuesday evening/Wed morning, lovely blippers  xx

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