Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Salisbury Cathedral

Today I went to Salisbury Cathedral.  I fancied a day away from home and I'd read that the Cathedral has a new art installation which I thought might be fun.

Well, the day didn't go quite as planned - there was a tree across the line between Southampton and Salisbury, so that bit of the journey was a long cold wait until the rail guys decided to put us in taxis to get there.  Fine, but when I arrived I realised the installation had only been half installed (see Extra) so instead you have the wonderful rhythmic ceiling of the nave.  While there, I read the word 'nave' comes from the Latin for 'navel' (as in ships, not belly buttons) because said ceilings look like an upsidedown wooden sailing ship.  So now I know!

So a lovely day, but one thing I was reminded of about Salisbury.  R, my business partner, and I worked for several years on publicity for Salisbury Festival so we went over there a lot.  And you know - it's always cold in Salisbury, and was again today!!  Very beautiful, but chilly.

Wishing you a good evening and a great tomorrow  xx

PS: it's my son's birthday today - happy birthday, Jxxx

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